General Information

The 14th Cross-Strait Workshop on "Nano Science and Technology" (CSWNST14) will be held at University of Macau from 21-24 June 2018.

Cross-Strait Workshop on "Nano Science and Technology" is a yearly international conference on Nano Science and Technology, which is highly admired and held in turn among Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is the first time that Macau will join the big group and hold the 14th conference.

The program will include oral and poster sessions on the individuel areas:

1. Novel Properties of Nanomaterials.

2. Preparation and Manipulation of Nanomaterials.

3. Characterization of Nanomaterials.

4. Application of Nanomaterials: Biological and Biomedical.

5. Application of Nanomaterials: Energy, Enviroment & Catast.

6. Application of Nanomaterials: Optoelectronics and Electronics.

7. Application of Nanomaterials: Construction Engineering.

Important days

31 March 2018

Abstract Submission Deadline

15 April 2018

Registration Deadline

21 June 2018

Conference Check-in

22-24 June 2018


Keynote Speakers

1. Prof. Dr. Jian Lu from City University of Hong Kong

2. Prof. Dr. Yeu-Kuang Hwu from Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

3. To be determined

4. Prof. Dr. Zikang Tang from University of Macau